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I'm Here for you...

Are you feeling sad, may I dry your tears?
Are you are scared, may I comfort your fears.
Are you worrying, may I give you hope.
Are you confused, may I help you cope?
Are you lost and unable to see the light?
I want to be your beacon, shining ever so bright…

 My Lovely Season

My lovely Season has come 
It gave me the Reason to celebrate 
The Spring brings stun petals 
filled Trees with blossoms 

quacking ducks, hopping hares 
girls are playing their lonely games 
Fruits are waiting for their births 
Wanted by all, youth, old and kids 

Peace seems to fill the ambience 
It is the time to have feast and fun 
Blooming Flowers, showers of gentle rain 
Pleasing the atmosphere as ever and ever again.

 A Girl

Every girl’s birth is a fight… 
Why we think that they’re not right… 
We don’t consider but a Girl is the second name of hope… 
Trust  me people, She’s not just the crying figure of every daily soap… 
She’s always with the earth or the moon… 

They are silent and never go for a boom … 
You should be there for help it the land or the sky… 
Because you don’t know that Girls never miss a try… 
She goes office, she works at home… 
She can discover innovations, as she can discover syndromes… 
Unfortunate is the very existence of those who ridicule this gender… 
Who degrade their being and call them a blunder…. 
Let them not forget that they are here because of women…. 
Girls can not only do but have already done…. 


Nature we love, waste and feed nature
Nature water's and feed's us
god gave us nature
we can’t live without it
nature makes us
nature is beautiful
love it or hate it
nature is something to love
nature is god's gift to us
I know nature
Nature is beautiful
Nature is about the earth
nature has flower; s and weed's
weed's or flower's nature is us

First Guest of Spring 

I saw somebody followed over moss and twisted roots,
And pushed through the wet leaves of olive trees
Where slanting sunbeams gleamed us uncertainly,
While ever clearer came the dropping notes,
Until, at last, two widening trunks disclosed
Thee singing on a spray of branching beech,
Hidden, then seen; and always that same song
Of joyful sweetness, rapture incarnate,
Filled the hushed, rustling stillness of the wood?.


My name, your name,
enough of your torture.
Safely name, easy name,
play your game,
foolish name, custom name,
I know your fame
can you name, would you name,
try to run from a name.
Stupid name, poor name.
Find my secret name.
Miserable name, faulty name,
get out of my way because I don’t have shame.
It is in my name,
it is my name;
don't give me away because I have a name. 

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